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All articles written by William Cooper | Psychology, Philosophy, History, Religion, Politics.

“The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Exploring the Jungian Psyche is much like exploring the unknown.

It is fascinating and enlightening, but also may make one realise something about themselves that they have always been puzzled or troubled by. Indeed, one of the greatest shames of the 21st Century is the fact that people are so ignorant towards their own psyche; choosing to believe instead that it is merely a collection of processes that function purely to sustain life.

The Christian Mandala, which Jung considered to be an imagistic representation of the psychological wholeness, or the full Self after the process of individuation.

No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to Hell”.

Carl Gustav Jung was a terrifying thinker. His ability to interpret and understand his own dreams and visions with such vivid clarity is something that is extremely rare. Born in 1875 in Kesswil (a small municipality north-east of Zurich), Jung was a lonely, introverted child. But he possessed a colourful and incredibly insightful imagination. Indeed, it can be argued that if it were not for the power of Jung’s imagination, he would not have made the discoveries about the human psyche that he did.

The government’s scrapping of Public Health England (PHE) and its plans to establish the New Institute for Health Protection (NIHP) in its wake, has been a prime example of how politics and public health can corrupt one another when intertwined. Moreover, the appointment of the interim head of the NIHP, Baroness Dido Harding, has yet again exposed the culture of amateurism that has taken deep root in the government, where incompetent ministers — and in this case life peers — are maneuvered like chess pieces, infiltrating various institutions where they have no business.

As the UK’s Covid-19 death toll started…

A map of the former UK in a post-Brexit world. (image from Twitter)

If you want to tour Scotland or Northern Ireland, you had better do it sooner rather than later…

Words by William Cooper.

Last Friday, after a few pints of very strong cider, I led drunkenly on my bed and turned the TV on. They were replaying the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games. It was the first time I had seen it and understood it. I was too young to fully appreciate the atmosphere it created and the message it sent when it happened live.

But in that moment, as I lay next to my partner who by…

So much so that the Russia Report is now to be published in the coming days.

Words by William Cooper.

Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin. (photo from Sky News)

Dr. Julian Lewis, Conservative MP for New Forest East, is probably not a name that many people would have heard before last Wednesday. A Tory backbencher since his first electoral victory in 1997, Lewis has never sought a cabinet position, but has twice chaired the House of Commons Defence select committee and is well-renowned for his experience in such field.

Then, last week, Lewis was has the spotlight thrust upon him, a he was appointed Chairman of the Intelligence and…

From Northern Ireland, to Scotland, to ‘Project-Fear Park’ in Kent. Will Brexit come to destroy the union of the four nations?

Words by William Cooper.

The 2016 Brexit referendum. (image from indy100)

The union of the United Kingdom has been formed over hundreds of years and is a deeply fused and respected alliance between the four nations. In 1603, Scotland became part of the United Kingdom due to the ascension of James VI. In 1801, Wales became a part of the UK, and in 1921 Northern Ireland joined, to create the union that exists today.

This union between these four interconnected nations is so strong that many…

Mark Francois’ letter to the Chief EU negotiator, Michel Barnier, contained concerns over the the ECJ, Fishing, and a ‘Level Playing Field’.

Francois must have forgotten what he voted for…

Words by William Cooper.

Chief EU negotiator, Michel Barnier (Left) and Chairman of the ERG and Tory MP, Mark Francois (Right) (photo from the Indy100)

Correspondence between the UK and the EU, right now, is more important than ever before. Throughout the entirety of the UK’s membership of the European Union since 1973, no communication has been more crucial than the discussion ensuing currently between the EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, and his UK counterpart, David Frost. …

The leaked letter written by the International Trade Secretary exposes some serious concerns over post-Brexit border controls.

Words by William Cooper.

Liz Truss, International Trade Secretary. (photo from Pink News)

There is a stark and concerning dichotomy between the ensuing global pandemic and the various national interests of the world nations, which in the past months have challenged many governments, and nations at large, to find a balance between pursuing national projects and engaging in the global health endeavour. In the case of the UK, the global crisis has in a sense brought a blessed relief for Boris Johnson and the Conservatives.

Whilst the media have been distracted by…

Racism is as difficult to define as it is to eradicate. The cure therefore lies in transcending the plane of thought where racism exists altogether.

Words by William Cooper.

An artist’s mural dedicated to George Floyd, whose death in Minneapolis sparked race protests and riots around the world. (photo from CBC)

The Cambridge Dictionary defines racism as:

“The belief that people’s qualities are influenced by their race and that the members of other races are not as good as the members of your own, or the resulting unfair treatment of members of other races”.

The LEXICO Dictionary defines racism as:

“1. Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or…

You need to understand the history of the Radical Left NOW, because its making a terrifying comeback…

Words by William Cooper.

Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin, leaders of the two most notorious Communist regimes. (photo from the WilsonCenter)

The Radical Left, as ambiguous a group as it may be, has always possessed a certain degree of political and ideological allure, which predominantly young people have fallen victim to. Their attractiveness is understandable; indeed, I myself have fallen victim to its theoretical beauty over my life. This, I discovered in hindsight, was due to the fact that the Radical Left are constructed around three things which are superficially attractive but substantially dangerous policies: Equity, Identity Politics and Collectivism.


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